Crystallized- a small business bringing light to your life☆

Crystallized can assist in expanding your metaphysical well-being, uplift moods and enhance your connection to nature.

We also create the perfect gift package so you can share the love!

All packaging is compostable, recycled, recyclable, biodegradable, or PLANTABLE!

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Custom Photography Prints
  • Shop Custom Photography

    Prints are also available for custom orders; Specific canvases, photos, and sizing. We really love small canvases that can be added together to create a certain mood for a room.

  • Photograph Subject Request

    Not finding the subject or colors you are looking for to add to your space? Make a request in our contact section to get in touch with our photographer.

  • Personalize

    Want to add your OWN photos in a collection? Contact with specific detaills. Note this is only for small canvases size 8in×10in due to photograph quality.

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Love the Planet

Enjoy a piece of guilt free natural beauty from your home.

For large orders or wholesale please leave business information below.

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California, USA